Leland R Whitney LLC will calculate your proficiency points as a subscription service.
The initial subscription fee will include points accrued since 2008. The earlier you began accruing points, the greater the fee will be. The initial subscription fee will include points accrued up to and including the 2013 USADancesport National Championships.
After the initial subscription fee is paid, a fee will be charged for each competition after 2013 Nationals. The fee will be based on the number of competitive events in which you actually competed.
Initial subscription fee:
2008 - 2013 through Nationals $100
2009 - 2013 through Nationals   $90
2010 - 2013 through Nationals   $75
2011 - 2013 through Nationals   $55
2012 - 2013 through Nationals   $30
2013 after Nationals and beyond
Per competition with 6 or more events:   $25
Per competition with 5 or fewer events:   $15
You may pay via the "Buy Now" button to the right, or by sending a check to:
Leland R Whitney LLC
18365 Jefferson Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105
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